My favourite trailers from 2018’s Super Bowl

I don’t understand American Football or the Superbowl. I just know there’s always a big hype and some great tv spots and trailers come out of it. So, because of that, here are some of the ones I’m excited about and one I’m not.

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Film review: The Post [2018]

The moment the cast was announced for this Steven Spielberg thriller I was excited. Two of Western cinema’s biggest stars (Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks) finally coming together in this period drama promised to be big. With this Triad on the cards, it seemed The Post was awards-bait – and it kind of is – but that doesn’t stop it being thoroughly enjoyable.

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Here we go again

Alright, let’s have another crack at this. I think this is the third time I’ve started up this blog with the good intentions of posting regularly, writing quality content and entertaining people. It’s not always gone to plan – hence why we’re here on this day – but that’s okay. Let’s try again.

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