I’m getting back into comics!!!

I love reading, I love superheroes and I like looking at pretty pictures so comics basically embody a lot of things I enjoy. I’m a huge Marvel fan, both films and comics (and now TV!) and I’m also fond of DC, Image and Dark Horse comics (only certain series though). As the title suggests I’m getting ‘back in’ to comics, so there must have been a reason I got out in the first place? Long story, short:money. Being a comic reader is expensive, I like to support the artists and the writers by buying the comics.I made the switch to digital to save money but it can still be expensive (especially when you’re reading Marvel and they have their crossovers which requires needing to buy books from a different series).

I made the choice to start reading again because I missed the characters, especially the X-Men. Despite some questionable writing choices, I still love the X-Men and when I heard anything about them or saw things online I was gutted that I was missing out. So as my money  situation got a little better I decided I’d go back to Marvel again and start by sticking to one series (for now).

The smartest option was to go with Marvel’s big event that’s going on right now which is Secret Wars which sees a lot of the Marvel heroes coming together after Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe are destroyed, leaving our heroes in Battleworld, ruled by Dr. Doom. SW introduces us to this new world where we’ll see our heroes living and fighting. It’s a perfect place to jump back in as the event will shape the Marvel World (can I say that?) into something new. Luckily for me, I follow people on my Tumblr who can fill in the blanks of anything that I do/have missed. Especially in the side issues to the main SW book.

However, I’ll have to wait for a while until I get to see my X-Men together again, if they’ll ever be together again that is. I think Marvel have made the right decision to do this event because things often got confusing and messy with their being such a HUGE multi-verse. It’ll be nice to see some more structure for readers like me who feel completely thrown off if they miss an issue or two!

I buy my digital comics from this really cool website and read them on my tablet!

Thanks for reading,

All the best,



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