Whedony DVDs ranked!

Joss Whedon is responsible for some of the most imaginative, heart wrenching, powerful writing seen on television and in film. A lot of people became familiar with his work during Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s run from 1997-2003 and if you didn’t encounter at least one thing written by Joss Whedon within that time period then surely you came across that small film he did for Marvel Avengers: Assemble? I thought as much.

So, how this works is I shall rank my lest to most favourite DVD’s giving them each quick review.

The DVD’s.

14) Dollhouse season 1. Dollhouse was a good show, unfortunately in it’s 2 season one it didn’t get to be a GREAT show, which it quite easily could have been. The acting is great, Eliza Dushku shows some real talent and the writing imaginative and thought provoking.

13) Buffy season 4. It’s so sad to see this here so far up the list. But season 4 was the worst season of Buffy. Right out of high school it takes some getting used to the new dynamics of how the Scooby Gang works. The mixing of the military and the supernatural felt like the Supernatural aspect of the show (which is what the show was about) got lost in the high-tech robotics of this season.

12) Much Ado About Nothing. Whedon’s vision was dreamy, beautiful and fun. Some great Whedon-verse actors came back to star in the Shakespeare adaptation filmed at Whedon’s home. It was a new way for Whedon and wonderfully refreshing.

11) Buffy season 6. The sixth season of Buffy is a tough watch; it deals with addiction, depression, abuse and some other dark stuff. It makes for a tough watch. But after seeing what these characters have been through over the past 5 seasons it’s a wonder the themes of this season didn’t come sooner.

10) Dollhouse season 2. We get a more exciting season this time, with the over all story already established there’s no wasting time in getting the story told. Really fast paced compared to season 1.

9) Buffy season 7. The final series of the tv show is emotional. The dynamics of the show changed like nothing else this season. The threats were bigger than ever. And while the show came to an end, you knew the stories weren’t even close to finishing. (They continued the show in comic form!)

8) Serenity. Whedon fans wanted it, Whedon fans got it. Following up to the fantastic tv series, the film didn’t lose any of its magic when switching screens. It gave the fans the closure they needed (but not the one they deserved). And of course, because it’s Whedon, there’s also heart break. “I’m a leaf on the wind.. watch how I-”

7) Buffy season 3. FAITH FAITH FAITH. The exciting new addition to the show, seeing the ‘kids’ growing up and that foreshadowing. All great Whedon.

6) Buffy season 5. How many tv shows can incorporate a new character in the 5th season as being the sister of the protagonist and act as if she’s been there the whole time and do it SUCCESSFULLY. Such smart writing.

5) Avengers. Motivating score, beautiful cinematography, excellent choreography. Avengers could have been a mess, too many big characters in the same film cancelling one another out, but this is far from the case: the writing is brilliantly balanced and the action is fantastic.

4) Buffy season 1. Where it all began (because we pretend that the film didn’t happen).. It’s corny and very 90’s but that’s the magic of it. It kicks off the shows tone well and no one can deny that.

3) Cabin in the Woods. It’s so so smart. It was nothing like I expected. It had me second guessing everything, I was itreigued and excited and even a little scared. Everything about this film is refreshing. It came right at a time when horror was stuck in a rut of being invisiible ghosts and screeching demons.

2) Firefly. When you watch this show you come away asking one question. Why was it cancelled? This is one of Whedon’s best works, many would argue it is his best work. The characters are phenomenal, they work great together. Everything about this show is excellent.

1) Buffy season 2. This is the first season with 22 episodes giving Whedon the room to be able to tell a longer story which works out perfectly for the show. The first half sees Buffy trying to get to grips with what she experienced the previous year. She hasn’t fully accepted the fact that she’s the Slayer and has to fight this evil al the time. However, events leading into the second half show her having no other choice but accepting her fate and fighting.. no matter what cost. Her journey in this season is powerful and emotional. This season is true testament to Whedon’s writing skills, as well as all the other writers who worked on Buffy season 2. It’s a terrific season, which is why it’s number 1.

There are some works missing from the list; Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (which is brilliant) and Angel the Series but if you’re a fan of Joss Whedon you should definitely go check those out!

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2 thoughts on “Whedony DVDs ranked!

    • actualandrew says:

      I love Cabin in the Woods! It’s so smart and very Joss! I love that you included Toy Story in your list!! There are so many people that don’t realise that he wrote the screenplay, unfortunately I don’t have it on DVD 😥 so wasn’t included on my list!


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