‘Veronica Mars’ boxset review!

If you love a good mystery and a quick witted female protagonist then this is definitely for you! From the mind of Rob Thomas comes Veronica Mars daughter of Private Investigator, Keith Mars, who uses her father’s connections and resources to solve her own mysteries while also charging the elite rich kids of her high school to help solve theirs. The show ran for 3 seasons between 2004 and 2007 but was ultimately cancelled due to the drop in ratings, despite having a good cult following. Each season had a couple of overlying mysteries that Veronica attempted solving, driving the story arch forward, while each episode often had a smaller case for Veronica to solve.

Season 1.

Season 1.

Season 1 gave a brilliant introduction to Veronica’s world; the Californian town of Neptune is defined by its divide in class difference. On one side there’s the 09ers: the lawyers, doctors, actors and business moguls and their children rule the town making use of the corrupt police force that are there to protect their money them. The other half, Veronica’s half, are the ones who just get by. They hold no real power (even if you were once the Sheriff of the town, like Keith Mars once was). The first season sees Veronica on a quest to find out who killed her best friend Lilly Kane the previous year. We’re introduced to her trying to cope with how much her life has changed since Lilly’s death: her mother leaving, her father losing his job (after accusing Lilly’s father, the most wealthy and powerful man in Neptune, of his daughter’s murder) and the sexual assault she encountered after being spiked at a party. Veronica is defensive and cynical but also determined and hot-headed. The world Thomas creates draws you in and Kristen Bell provides the perfect performance as the teenage sleuth.

Season 2.

Season 2.

The second season treats audiences to two new cases; in the aftermath of Lilly’s killer being revealed the biker gang of Neptune called the PCH is torn apart when one of their own is murdered. With Logan, Veronica’s ex-boyfriend, as main suspect he and PCH leader, Weevil, band together to help find the real killer. Veronica, however, is more focused on the crash of a school bus that plumits off a cliff killing 6 students, a bus that Veronica should have been on. As she searches for answers more than she anticipated is revealed and Veronica gets answers to questions that have plagued her for close to two years. The writing in this season was by far the best. There was a more mature ambiance to the season and it felt like the show had really found its feet and promised some really great material for the coming seasons.

Season 3.

Season 3.

As Veronica graduates high school and attends college in Neptune, she is faced with more mysteries. The shows format changes a little in its third season; one half of the season is spent on one case and the second half on another. The first case deals with a serial rapist at Hearst College, a case that Veronica first came across in the second season. The second case begins when there’s a murder on campus. The third season saw many changes that didn’t sit well with some fans. By the third season the show was in trouble and was put on hiatus during the season to only return for 5 more episodes before its untimely cancellation. Thomas made attempts to try and get the show picked up for a 4th season having the final episode end giving audiences a set of all new questions.

The Movie.

The Movie.

Unfortunately, the attempts didn’t work and Veronica Mars was cancelled. However, never underestimate a cult following; Thomas and many of the cast appealed to fans to fund their kick starter and give fans a Veronica Mars film. And that’s what the fans did. The film shows Veronica having left Neptune, living in New York and an inspiring lawyer. She’s left the Neptune drama behind and is no longer in the PI business. However, when her ex-boyfriend Logan is the prime suspect in his girlfriend’s murder, Veronica is drawn back to help! The show transfers wonderfully to film and acts just like a feature length episode. The characters adapt well and the confided time allows for the story to be concise and exciting with each minute.

The extras in the boxset are your standard extras:

  • Featurettes
  • Images
  • Gag reels
  • Unaired scenes

However, fans are also treated to the 12 minute pilot that Thomas shot back in 2007 with hopes of getting the show renewed. It’s 4 years later and Veronica is training to become an FBI agent. While the pilot looked interesting, an FBI take on Veronica Mars may have taken away the spark and freedom that Veronica has.

The show is trendy, fun and thrilling. To make use of the cliche: it leaves you begging for more. And fans might just be lucky enough to get more!

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