hermione sits down, looks at the cheering crowd and rolls her eyes, she opens her book and continues reading.

Top 5: On Screen Witches.

I’ve always had a huge interest in magic and witchcraft, so it’s no surprise that this interest follows me into my  viewing habits. If it has a witch in it, I’ll most likely watch it. So, starting from 5th place here are my 5 favourite witches from the silver and small screen!

5) MERLIN from Merlin (2008-2012): Now, I understand that he’s known as a Wizard, but I’m using ‘Witch’ as an umbrella term and includes both male and female characters. I always looked forward to Saturday nights when Merlin was on, I found the series to have the perfect balance between comedy, family fun and epic fantasy drama. Merlin himself was likeable and it was great to see him grown into such a powerful witch.

Merlin's eyes glow as whenever he uses magic.

4)  HERMIONE GRANGER from Harry Potter (2001-2011): It was inevitable. The brightest witch of her age was always going to be on this list. Hermione is fantastic. She’s a know-it-all and sometimes a bit of a brat but how can you not love her?! She’s the glue that keeps the trio together and while her logical approach to everything may not always work her intentions are always flawlessly pure, she’s bloody brilliant.

hermione sits down, looks at the cheering crowd and rolls her eyes, she opens her book and continues reading.

3) PIPER HALLIWELL from Charmed (1998-2006): In the first 3 seasons of Charmed Piper was a natural worrier, she was timid and wasn’t very confident with her magic. However, when her eldest sister Prue died we see her having to take the role of oldest sister; she becomes a mentor for half-sister  Paige, a mother and wife as well as business woman and also a pretty strong witch. Her strength comes from her pain and it makes her a brilliant witch.

Piper waves her hand and blows up a wooden door.

2) NANCY DOWNS from The Craft (1996): Nancy is a thrill to watch, someone so tormented and angry getting all this power was never going to end well. She’s a jealous, vicious and horrible person but you do feel sorry for her. Her rise to power is short lived but nonetheless chilling and tormenting. She’s certainly a force to be reckoned with when at full strength.

Nancy chants: "Ours is the time, our's is the power"

1) WILLOW ROSENBERG from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003): Was there any other way for Willow to go? Her transition into a witch didn’t feel forced or odd, it was another thing for Willow to become an expert on. She has this natural gift for magic and it suits her character so well. But as we see in season 6, too much of a good thing can lead to terrible consequences as Willow battles to keep the magic taking over and losing control of it. I loved this direction for Willow, it was well written and really fun to watch. The final 3 episodes of season 6 were fantastic and Willow really came into her own.

Dark Willow creates a fireball in her hand.

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5 thoughts on “Top 5: On Screen Witches.

    • actualandrew says:

      I toyed around with the idea of including her, but at the same time I’m not the biggest fan of the Wizard of Oz. Besides, after seeing Wicked, I much prefer THAT version of the witch!


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