Against the Crowd Blogathon Volume 2.

Run by Dell on Movies, the Against the Crowd Blogathon invites movie bloggers to defend the film you love but everyone hates and complain about the film that everyone loves but you can’t stand! As this is my first ever blogathon I’m extremely excited to be taking part!

The Rules:

1. Pick one movie that “everyone” loves (the more iconic, the better). That movie must have a score of at least 75% on Tell us why you hate it.

2. Pick one movie that “everyone” hates (the more notorious, the better). That movie must have a score of less than 35% on Tell us why you love it.

3. Include the tomato meter scores of both movies.

4. Use one of the banners in this post, or feel free to create your own.

Frozen poster.

With a strong 89% Rotten Tomatoes rating, this Disney animation took the world by storm. Frozen was EVERY WHERE and there was no escaping it. Whether it’s the songs that stick in your mind perpeptually playing in your head (even as I type this, I’m repeating the question: Do you wanna build a snowman?) The lack of decent and emotive story telling that Disney is more than capable of producing or just the way that it was inescapable: I seriously hate Frozen.

Don’t get me wrong, Disney actually acknowledging that women don’t need a prince to save them was nice. But it still doesn’t stop me from rolling my eyes every time someone makes a Let it Go pun. I felt like the film didn’t really go anywhere and the 1 hour 49 minutes that it took from me I will never get back. It almost scares me how happy I was when that insufferable snowman began to melt. When it comes to Frozen it’s about time we let it go and focus on Big Hero 6 and Inside Out.

Catwoman poster

As somewhat of a DC fan I can’t believe I’m admitting this. But I love Catwoman (2004) while I don’t necessarily disagree with the 9% Rotten Tomatoes rating, I can’t help but throughouly enjoy this film. I remember my 8 year old self being absolutely buzzed with excitement when watching this film for the first time. The fun, acrobatic, action; the glossy airbrushed scenery and even the bad CGI makes this film great.

While Patience Phillips is no Selina Kyle and parts of the story make little to no sense, I still stand by the 10 years of enjoyment I get out of this film. I even had the ps2 game to go alongside the DVD; equally as amazing as the film… obviously. I mean, can you really hate a film where Halle Berry kicks down a door, uses a pipe from a keg as whip and takes down a 6ft biker in her pyjamas? I didn’t think so!

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6 thoughts on “Against the Crowd Blogathon Volume 2.

  1. Wendell says:

    Bold choices, friend. I love it!!! Not a big fan of Frozen, myself. Thought it was okay, but way overrated. Catwoman, on the other hand, yeesh. At least it has Halle Berry in that outfit, lol. Thanks a ton for participating.


    • actualandrew says:

      Frozen sucks, Disney are capable of so much more! And I know, I know, I realise that Catwoman isn’t good but I’m a sucker for a strong female lead! And I had a lot of fun! Thank you for hosting!


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