Paper Towns (2015)

The adaptation of John Green’s YA Novel follows Quentin (Q) as he and his friends take a road trip to find Margo; the quirky, mysterious girl who Q just so happens to be in love with and also just so happens to live opposite him. From being friends when they were younger to growing apart as they got older, Quentin has always been fascinated by the way Margo looked at the world and watched her set off for – and return from – her adventures in the world. One night Margo enlists Quentin’s help with 9 tasks that she must complete and he gets to taste the excitement of Margo’s world. However when she goes missing the following day, Quentin follows the clues that Margot leaves him to find her and confess his love for her before they graduate.

I’m not a John Green fan; I have nothing against his books I’ve just never read them. I didn’t care much for The Fault in our Stars when I saw the trailer and still haven’t seen the film but I know the gist of the story and it’s not really something that I’m in a rush to see. So what attracted me to Paper Towns? The trailer promised clues and an exciting mystery; I had this vision of Quentin and his friends being lead by Margo; going from one place to another to find her and have some extravagant reason for her disappearance. However, what I got was neither exciting or extravagant.

If you’re looking for a bog standard, easy to watch teen film Paper Towns is perfect! You have your quirky girl, you’re invisible boy who’s in love with said girl, a funny friend, a smart friend, a prom scene and the “I’m in love with you” speech. While this isn’t a completely terrible thing, I actually quite enjoyed the film, I was hoping for a little more. From Margo going missing, Quentin and his friends trying to decipher her clues and the road trip beginning the hunt for Margo had potential for excitement but what followed seemed rushed and was ultimately anti-climatic.

paper towns 2

Despite this, Margo was definitely the most fun of the film. Cara Delevingne was great in capturing a smart and free-spirited girl who oozed confidence. But also portrayed a woman who was unsure of herself, how she fit in… if she even wanted to fit in and did it well. This was the first time I’ve seen Delevingne in a film role and am definitely excited to see her again in more challenging and different roles!

Paper Towns fell a little flat for me, it left me feeling unfulfilled overall. However, there are moments that are fun; Margo and Quentin completing her list was enjoyable and the characters are easy to like. I think I built up the mystery and clues in my head a little too much. While I’d watch it again, I won’t rush out to buy the DVD.

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