Fall TV Schedule: What I’ll be watching!

With the cold weather rolling in on the tail end of summer, I naturally find myself watching more and more television and each year the fall TV schedule guides how I’m going to be spending most of my week nights. As a religious binge watcher I find it difficult to watch a show an episode a week which is why I set out to watch shows that will keep me interested enough to keep going back every week and not wait until the end and just binge my way through.

SCREAM QUEENS (22/09/2015): Yet another horror anthology series from Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck that seems lighter in tone than American Horror Story. The Scream Queens trailer didn’t stun me; between AHS and self-aware horror films like Scream it doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the table. However, the trailer does promise us murder, mystery and Jamie Lee Curtis; an easy concoction to quench a horror film fans thirst.


American Horror Story: Hotel (07/10/2015): Sticking with Falchuck and Murphy we have the fifth season of the extremely popular anthology series. This season sees AHS OG Jessica Lange replaced by Lady Gaga – who should fit in perfectly with the show’s craziness. Despite losing interest in Freak Show (the fourth season) pretty early on I’m remaining hopeful for Hotel. With a little change up in cast I’m hoping it’ll shake things up and bring something fresh to the show. One thing I will praise the show for, however, is doing great opening episodes; the first few episodes in each season introduce us to a new world and are definitely a lot of fun – I just hope that it doesn’t make the same mistake as the previous seasons: peak too early and tail off towards the end.

Heroes: Reborn (24/09/2015): Speaking of peaking too early.. Heroes comes back with a new series set after the revelation of the ‘heroes’ at the end of season 4. I stuck with Heroes until the end and actually enjoyed it, while it did get weaker towards the end it was still a good show with a lot of potential. I’m super excited for this new series and hope that it will achieve the standard it’s capable of!

How to Get Away with Murder (24/09/2015): Last year saw the premier of Shonda Rhimes crime/mystery series. The super-dramatic and over the top show didn’t take itself too seriously which made for excellent television! With a batch of characters that felt fresh and entertaining I got into this show really quick. And considering how season one ended, I’m extremely excited for season 2!

Of course with the Autumn weather comes autumn nights and sometimes I need something light and humorous to break up the drama and horror from the other shows!

The Goldbergs (23/09/2015): With the thousands of sitcoms that are on television it’s hard to find one that you can really enjoy; with this show I can’t help but love all the characters. The youngest child, Adam Goldberg, provides narration looking back on his younger self and his family in the 80’s. The writing is great and the characters are so easy to love! Wendi McLendon-Covey as SMother Beverly Goldberg is hilarious! I can’t wait for this to return!

the goldbergs

Broad City: A couple a months ago I wrote a post expressing my love for this New York set comedy. The two protagonists are fantastic and the comedy is top notch! While it doesn’t have an official release date yet, I’ll definitely be waiting impatiently.

I’ll probably come across some more shows to get obsessed with, it’s happened every year for the past 5 so why stop now?

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2 thoughts on “Fall TV Schedule: What I’ll be watching!

  1. Katie says:

    I’m loving Scream Queens. And I really enjoyed and was terrified by the opener of AHS this season, the hotel makes me think of Murder house (favourite season). But you’re right a refreshing cast changes things for the better it looks like.


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