Wes Craven: The Maestro of Horror.

Sad news to wake up this morning: Director/Writer/Producer Wes Craven has passed away at his home, reports say , after a battle with brain cancer. In the wake of this shocking passing I think it’s the perfect time to remember Wes through his immortalised material.

The first horror film I ever saw was Scream 3, I was way too young to be watching it and ultimately switched it off out of fear during Sidney’s dream sequence where her mother comes to visit her. Years later I decided to begin my venture into horror films, little did I know it would quickly become my favourite genre. I started with the Scream films and fell in love. After a quick internet search of other Wes Craven films the first that popped up was Nightmare on Elm Street and, knowing this was considered a horror classic, I watched it immediately. Once again, I loved it. The way Craven played with reality, incorporating the real world with the filmic world, was exciting and different to other horror films I’d seen at the time.

More recently he was a producer on MTV’s Scream TV series. While the series doesn’t feel much like the film it’s nice to see that Craven’s legacy will be continued and with the season finale airing tomorrow, it’s lovely to hear that MTV are dedicating it to Wes. He brought so much to horror, he redifined the genre, shocked and disgusted audiences. It’s a sad day for horror fans and of course for Craven’s family. The beauty of being a film/television fan is that when your film/tv heroes die their work is immortalised; the work that made you love them in the first place.

I’ll always be a Craven fan and can’t thank him enough for what he did for the horror genre. His work was comedic, exciting and absolutely frightening.

R.I.P Wes Craven.

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