This month with Actual Andrew: September!

September always brings around a feeling of freshness and a new start. For the past 16 years of my life my year has been governed by the school term, meaning the year begins in September and ends in August. So I like to think as September as a new beginning, especially with my birthday being at the end of August, come September I’m another year older and (hopefully) another year wiser.


Going into my second year of university I’m looking forward to gaining some routine back in my life. After a long summer of being a tad unorganised I found I’ve become a little lazy so it’ll be nice to have that routine to keep me motivated through my studies! I’ll also be able to fit blogging into my schedule and be able to dedicate time to seeing more new films and posting reviews and such!


With my routine I’m going to try my utmost best with fitting in more trips to the cinema; I feel like I’ve been neglecting my local picture house! This month I’m excited to see We Are Your Friends I know this is technically an August release but I’ll be seeing it this month so I’ll include it here! I’m also looking forward to Legend, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials and Aloha. I’ll also try and catch The Man from U.N.C.L.E before it’s  taken out of theatres.

I also have a few of the classics on DVD that I’m ashamed to have not seen! I’ll be watching Sunset BoulevardThe Godfather Part II and Pulp Fiction.


In between uni, blogging and working I’ll be using my down time to unwind in front of my tv. First on my list is season 6 of The Good Wife. I binged seasons 1 – 5 and was really surprised at how much I loved the court room drama. In between the cut-throat competition, the odd moment of comedy and the great writing I fell in love with these characters and this show. I also plan on making use of my Netflix account and make a start on The X-Files only the biggest sci-fi show on earth (maybe a close second to Doctor Who?) so it must be good.. surely! I’ll also be making a start on Mad MenI often find it hard to get into shows with male leads (Breaking Bad, Dexter) but I really want to like Mad Men.

I thrive on the thought of a busy month, which would explain the positive and excited feeling I have for September! It’s definitely going to be a good year!

Thanks for reading,

all the best!



5 thoughts on “This month with Actual Andrew: September!

  1. Jay says:

    I watched Mad Men sporadically, first 2 seasons maybe. I didn’t get into it as much as others. Haven’t seen any of the other shows so obviously I’m just not meant for TV!


    • actualandrew says:

      I really love television. I definitely get absorbed into a television show where it occupies my mind a lot. But only with certain shows. Like I said, I find it harder with male protags but we’ll see with Mad Men!


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