Top 5: TV Crime Fighters.

It takes a special kind of person to solve crimes and also a special kind of character to keep me tuning in every week to watch this person solve crimes.Starting from 5th place here  are my top 5 TV crime fighters:


5. Mystery Inc. Scooby Doo was a huge part of my childhood: I loved the comedy, the horror and the  marvellous traps set by the gang in order to catch the villain. Every episode had the same format and we all knew that they were going to catch the ghost/ghoul/phantom but it was super fun to watch (even now I force my nephews to watch it if I’m baby sitting).

miss marple

4. Miss Marple. This list wouldn’t be complete without some Agatha Christie and Miss Marple is my all time favourite. An old age pensioner who lives in a quaint little village having afternoon tea, collecting for the church and solving a local murder. Essentially Marple solves the crimes by sticking her nose in other people’s business and gossiping with neighbours but never fails to catch the killer – usually in a social setting where she first airs everyone elses dirty laundry before finally getting the killer to confess.

criminal minds

3. The BAU. Criminal Minds is known for its intense episodes and crazy killers but what’s kept it going for so long is the love that viewers have for the team. Now in its tenth season, there’s been a few changes in agents over the years but one thing is for certain; they’re definitely like a family. They’re close and co-operative, each having a strength in a different field. It’s definitely the team that keep me going back season after season and I could watch this show for 10 more seasons.

Gene Hunt

2. Gene Hunt. The Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes character is your typical 70’s/80’s British tough cop. Gene doesn’t stand time wasters, uses colourful language and won’t think twice about beating the answers out of you. He’s definitely the soul of the two shows (which combine both the supernatural and the natural) and provides a lot of laughter to counter his more conservative partners.

veronica mars

1. Veronica Mars. Witty, brash, cynical and sharp. Veronica is definitely my favourite crime fighter. A teenage PI sounds a little Disney… she’s everything but. She has all these layers and it makes for excellent watching. The thing I admire most about Veronica is her need for the truth, she won’t sit by and let unjust things happen because no one else wants to deal with it, she appoints her self to help those who deserve it. She is absolutely my favourite crime fighter who deserved at least 5 seasons.


4 thoughts on “Top 5: TV Crime Fighters.

  1. Wendell says:

    Some nice choices. So many more could be included. Hats off to you for narrowing it down to 5. And including Mystery Inc. And had she read it, my wife would thank you for including Criminal Minds. Some others I would consider:

    Cast of Law & Order
    Cast of CSI (original)
    Magnum P.I.
    Angela Landsbury’s character in Murder, She Wrote
    The crew of Mission: Impossible
    Jack Bauer of 24
    Penny from Inspector Gadget
    Agent 99 from Get Smart
    All of Charlie’s Angels
    Batman (either the Adam West version or that plus all the animated versions as a whole)

    I’ll stop there, but I think you get why I couldn’t do just a top 5 for this. Great post.


    • actualandrew says:

      You know I was going to include Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote but I decided to include Miss Marple instead! I wanted to leave superheroes out of this post because I’m planning a later post with them otherwise Batman would have been on here for definite! Thanks Wendell! Glad you liked it!


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