This month on Actual Andrew: October!

After my birthday in August and before Christmas the one day of the year I look most forward to is Halloween! My ultimate aesthetic is sitting in my house on Halloween night with a huge bowl of popcorn watching a horror film. I was walking through the park yesterday and I could smell Autumn, it has a distinct smell that takes me back to Halloween when I was a kid running around in my costume and knocking on doors asking for sweets. And now that I’m older I find fun in horror films and the Tree House of Horror Simpsons episodes.


I started my second year of uni earlier this week and think I’m going to really enjoy it! One of my modules focuses on Myths in films, looking at things like Heroism, Sex and Power in mythology and how they’ve been adapted into modern forms of story telling, that’ll probably be my favourite module! I also discovered that my university is now serving Starbucks so that should help with my 9AM lectures! I’ll also be celebrating 2 years with my girlfriend this month so, Sophie: thank you for everything, I love you!

And because it’s Halloween (a month long event) I’ll also be doing my Fear Friday feature every week starting next week as opposed to every month!


I’m super excited for Macbethnot only do I think Fassbender is perfect for the role, I just really love Macbeth. I directed the play in school for a national Shakespeare festival and just fell completely in love with it so I’m excited to see how the film works!

Also after reading Sidekick Review’s post on Jake Gyllenhaal performances and sharing my love for Donnie Darko I was told that I should watch October Sky so I’ll definitely give that a whirl and (most likely) write a review of it!

And of course, I’ll be watching any horror films I can get my hands on so if there’s any that you think I should check out just let me know!


Pilot season is upon us. I’ll be watching American Horror Story: Hotel when it premiers. I’m a little worried about this season, with the departure of Jessica Lange and how Freakshow turned out I’ not very excited for Hotel. At least Sarah Paulson is back though, she’s a phenomenal actress! I’ll also be watching Scream Queens again.. this I really wasn’t sure about. I cringed the whole way through the pilot and was kind of bored but I’ll give it another episode and if I can’t help but roll my eyes I won’t stick with it.

True to my word I also started X-Files and Mad Men while I really enjoyed both, X-Files has kind of taken over at the minute. I love it a lot. And I also started The Good Wife season 6 but I have to wait for my girlfriend before I can carry on with it which is grueling but definitely worth it!

And, as I expressed last week, How to Get Away with Murder has returned, much to my delight! I’ve fallen back in love with this show so hard and fast. I’m watching it weekly like a crazy person! It’s so dramatic but I can’t help myself, I LOVE IT!!!

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