Fear Friday: Childhood scares.

Being a horror fan is great; you get the rush from the scare and the comfort in your rationality that the noise in the middle of the night is just the plumbing. However, as a kid it’s not exactly the same and when you’re scared it can be a completely different story. I put my love of horror films down to my childhood thrill of being scared; ghost stories, horror books (child friendly, of course) and cartoons that had anything to do with the supernatural. And while I look back on much of what scared me as a child and laugh, there are some things that have stayed with me throughout my teenage years and slow climb into adulthood.

  • Ghost Clown // Scooby Doo: From the episode Bedlam in the Big Top a ghost clown is pretty terrifying enough but the way he looks make my skin crawl just looking at him. Not to mention the fact that he hypnotises his victims. I still get shudders watching this episode back.Ghost_Clown
  • Slappy the Dummy // Goosebumps: Don’t ever tell me that this horrible thing didn’t haunt your dreams for a good week ater watching. Pure evil. That’s all he is, especially in Night of the Living Dummy part 3 where he has aN ARMY OF LIVING DUMMIES THAT WILL ATTACK AND KILL! There are plenty of Goosebumps episodes that scared me outright but none so much as Slappy did.Slappydummy
  • Him // Powerpuff Girls: That. Bloody. Voice. How did it echo? How on earth was it so terrifying? How did they get away with having a giant lobster with a haunting, echoing voice that hated 3 little girls?! It genuinely terrifies me, even to this day I am terrified of Him.
  • The Scarecrows // Are you Afraid of the Dark: If you managed to get through the pretty creepy title sequence then you’ll know that AYAOTD didn’t stop there with the scares. The episode: The Tale of the Silent Servants saw black magic bring a scarecrow to life. Even now, with my irrational fear of scarecorws, I still get sweaty palms watching this back.

Well, that’s a little insight into the frights I had as a kid. If you think I’ve missed anyone/thing off let me know!

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