What to watch this Halloween!

It’s finally here! My favourite day of the year! This year I’m celebrating by going to the cinema to watch John Carpenter’s Halloween in 35mm so I’m beyond excited! For those of you who are staying in (or perhaps after the Trick r treating is done) I thought I’d give my two pence on what makes I usually do on this night every year!

The classics:

Halloween (1978) – it might be a little dated but who cares?! It’s still THEE Halloween film to watch. I mean, there’s always the remake but only watch that for disappointment.

Nightmare on Elm Street – A little 80’s horror never hurt anyone and this Craven classic is perfect for a night in. Unlike Halloween however the remake isn’t all that bad. Pretty decent for some slight jumps!

The Exorcist – A bit of a slow burner this one but the Daddy of all demonic possession films. And the acting from 10 year old Linda Blair is phenomenal.


Want something more modern?

As I said a few Fear Friday’s ago: the 2010’s have proved their horror game is pretty good! If you’re looking for more supernatural/possession films these are the ones for you!

If zombies are more your thing:


The Evil Dead trilogy should satisfy your needs. Gore, action and the occasional laugh are provided courtesy of Sam Rami.

Night of the Living Dead should cater to your more classic needs as this George A Romero classic is the zombie movie of all zombie movies.

If you like zombies but not the scare that they bring Shaun of the Dead is well balanced diet of gore, laughter and flesh!

But if prolonged zombie  action with sadness and heart break is more your thing then tonight could be a perfect time to start The Walking Dead.

Not really a horror fan but love Halloween?

The Craft doesn’t provide many scares but certainly packs in the supernatural with 4 girls experimenting with Witchcraft.


Beetlejuice deals with ghosts and ghouls but with Tim Burton directing there’s certainly more laughs than scares!

Also, sticking with tradition, it’s not Halloween without watching at least 1 Tree House of Terror from The Simpsons. My personal favourite being Terror at 5 1/2 Feet!

There are tonnes of other things to watch but this is what I’d be watching if I were spending the night in. What will you be watching tonight?

Hope you enjoyed this one!

Thanks for reading,

all the best,



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