Fresh features & more movies!

I can’t believe it’s been Halloween since I last posted, it wasn’t intentional but things with university and work got a little hectic and blogging kind of got put on the back burner for a couple of months.

I’ve missed writing a lot and doubly missed reading some of my favourite blogs so I’ve decided to return! However, with some changes this time as I feel it’s always good to have a a bit of a shift around to keep things fresh.

I’m going to be doing more features this time around, I feel like they keep things in order and help with the woes of writers block. Last year I started Fear Friday which I’ll absolutely be keeping because I love horror movies. So that’ll keep going every month. However, I will be leaving This Month with Actual Andrew in 2015 because, honestly, things change and I can’t promise that I’m gonna watch the films I say I will and I feel a bit silly when I say I’m gonna review a film that month but don’t because I haven’t even watched it.

With a new year comes a new feature: so instead of This Month with Actual Andrew I’ll be introducing In the Cutting Room: named as such because usually the cutting room is where all the smaller details are left out but are always fun to see anyway. These posts will have the same stuff as the ‘This Month’ feature but will come towards the end of the month. That way I can say what I’ve actually watched/read instead of what I plan to.

I’ll also be watching a lot more movies. It occurred to me that there are so many ‘classic’ films that people rant and rave about that I haven’t even attempted to watch so this year I’ll watch ’em and give you my two pence in I’m sorry, I’ve never seen.

Each feature will be monthly apart from Fear Friday where it becomes weekly during October.

In terms of reviews I’ll try my best to keep up to date with the year’s newest films but can’t promise anything, I’ll definitely be reviewing films but maybe not always the ones that are in cinemas.

Finally, tell me about blogathons! Whether they’re your’s or ones you’re taking part in. I love taking part in them and am hoping to do loads more in the new year but I don’t always find out about them until it’s too late!

Anyway, here’s to a successful blogging year! I’ll look forward to reading your posts!

Thanks for reading,
All the best,


7 thoughts on “Fresh features & more movies!

  1. Wendell says:

    Glad you’re back. Looking forward to all the features you have planned. On my end, I will certainly try to tell you about upcoming blogathons. I plan on doing at least four, myself, maybe a fifth. The first will happen in February, but I haven’t put out any details just yet.


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