Fear Friday: The good and the bad for 2016.

The first Fear Friday of the year! It wouldn’t be right If we didn’t start by getting excited about the year’s most promising horrors so here we go, in no particular order:

The Good:

The Witch: Set in the North of England (my neck of the woods) during the 17th Century a puritan family is plagued by a number of horrific and tragic happenings as they suspect their daughter of witchcraft. This premièred at Sundance in 2015 but is due to hit cinemas in February of this year. The film won Best Director at Sundance and looks to be more haunting rather than down right jumpy. I think this will definitely be one that you’ll find yourself thinking about months later. Set to release: February 2016. 

The Forest: Natalie Dormer plays an identical twin looking for her sister in the Suicide Forest of Japan. More of an actiony horror from the looks of it and horror films set in the woods can be very hit and miss. However, Natalie Dormer is a bloody good actress and I’m betting her performance will be brilliant. Set to release January 2016.

The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist: I absolutely can not wait for this film. The first one was everything the horror genre needed. It was strong from start, middle and end. Great performances. Great plot. Super scary. The second film is set in England and is based on a famous haunting of a family. While it may sound similar to the first film there’s an entire new cast (aside from Patrick Wilson and Vera Famiga) so hopefully it retains that freshness that made the first film so enjoyable! Set to release June 2016. 



The Bad:

The trailer for The Boy starts out promising. A girl is hired to be the nanny of a young boy for a rich family (just wait) when she arrives she is introduced to the boy who is in fact a doll. At first she laughs it off as a joke but when the parents leave the two alone together, she is given a list of rules to follow. Obviously she doesn’t follow them. Obviously the doll is evil. Obviously chaos ensues. The trailer makes The Boy out to be another cliche doll movie, nothing really exciting.

Amityville: The Awakening: Another one?! Seriously?! What on earth is happening with this franchise?! Are they all connected? Is everything cannon? There’s not one remotely scary thing in this trailer. It’s time to let sleeping dogs lie with this one. I don’t even need to explain myself, just watch the trailer. #StopAmityvilleFilms2016


Anyway, that’s all for this month’s Fear Friday,  I’m not sure 2016 is going to be the year for horror but hopefully someone, somewhere will pull it out of the bag. And I pray to God the ones that do look decent live up to expectations!

Thanks for reading,

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8 thoughts on “Fear Friday: The good and the bad for 2016.

  1. Wendell says:

    I’m with you. Why are we getting another Amityville flick? There is absolutely no reason for this. I could understand if they were making a bunch of money off of these, but as far as I know, the last few efforts didn’t do squat at the box office. Sigh. Looking forward to the rest of them, even The Boy, lol. By the way, announced my first blogathon of the year…


    Hope you can contribute.


    • actualandrew says:

      Well I was never really a fan of the original film but this is ridiculous. Do they honestly think it will do well? And I’m so conflicted with The Boy the trailer makes it look.. not very good but I think it’d be a fun viewing experience!

      I’ve been racking my brains all day about which actor to choose for your blogathon! I’m going to need to do some serious thinking so I’m glad you announced it early!


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