The Voices (2014)

Ryan Reynolds plays Jeff, a happy-go-lucky and optimistic chap who works in a bath tub factory packing and shipping baths. Jeff lives with his dog, Bosco and his cat Mr Whiskers and between work and his frequent visits to a court appointed psychiatrist Jeff finds himself developing a crush on the office ‘hottie’ Fiona (Gemma Arterton). However, after finally plucking the courage up to ask Fiona out on a date (and being stood up) a fast turn of events sees Jeff’s already unstable psyche become more and more out of control.

The best part about The Voices is that it’s fun. The casting is wonderful; Reynolds, Arterton and Anna Kendrick (who plays Lisa; another office worker who has a crush on Jeff) compliment each other and work great together. I personally think Anna Kendrick is underrated, her ability to bounce off her co-stars no matter how skilled they are transfers extremely well on screen.


We’re put into Jeff’s world throughout the film; everything seen is how Jeff sees it and it isn’t until later on in the film that we see things for how they actually are. However, when in Jeff’s rose-tinted world there’s something oddly satisfying. The cinematography is wonderfully composed and pleasing; perfect for those of us who suffer from mild OCD. A scene that stands out in particular is one where Jeff is cutting up a body and placing them into Tupperware containers (did I mention Jeff was a serial killer?) instead of feeling disgusted, I was happy at how perfectly the boxes lined up and the pattern the different coloured lids made. So the aesthetic is certainly top notch.

How Fiona stacks up

While it’s a horror.comedy The Voices doesn’t provide laugh out loud moments. The best comedy comes from Mr Whisker’s (voiced by Reynolds) who’s kind of like the little red devil on Jeff’s left shoulder. The Voices allows you to build empathy for Jeff; Mr Whiskers bullies him, he got stood up by Fiona, he’s such a nice, jolly person that you almost feel sorry for him when he kills people. He almost takes on an infantile role; being told what to do and not quite understanding it but doing it anyway.

Overall, I loved The Voices. While it did make me question my sanity it was kind of upbeat and fun despite dealing with some graphic content.


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