Top 10 ‘Broad City’ moments.

Broad City is over for another season and with the finale recently airing, I thought it was time to reflect. If you’re not familiar with Broad City it follows Ilana and Abbi, to ladies in their twenties and their lives in New York. It’s hilarious, provocative and is packed with so many brilliant moments that it was hard to condense this list down to 10. So in no particular order, here’s my 10 favourite Broad City moments.

  • Garol (Season 1, episode 3): As Abbi goes to retrieve a parcel from what seems like the other end of the planet, she encounters Garol. Just the name made me crease with laughter. And while the yoghurt guzzling had me feeling a little sick, the interaction between the two is great.
  • Pegging (Season 2, episode 4): When Abbi’s date asks her to peg him, she rings Ilana to ask her advice. What makes me laugh here is Ilana’s reaction. Her free nature and her openess when it comes to sex is something not often seen on TV but Ilana’s reaction here is refreshing and hilarious.
  • Eight- fucking- thousand dollars (Season 1, episode 9): Usually flat broke, when Abbi goes to deposit a cheque for $8,000 the girls celebrate in the bank. This parody of Drake’s Started from the bottom was unexpected when it opens the episode. I’d quite happily watch this on a loop.
  • Cat intruder (Season 2, episode 1): In the midst of a heat wave, Abbi hooks up with Male Stacy (Seth Rogen), however, when a cat knocks the her AC out of the window, Abbi and Male Stacy lose it. The truth with this is how accurate their reaction is. They’re both stood shouting at what could be the cutest cat in the world but the little shit deserved it.
  • Real estate agent (Season 1, episode 9): After Abbi deposits her cheque she looks for a new apartment. This woman is an absolute wreck. She has no idea of the world around her and seems to have a substance issue. Every time I watch this clip I find myself howling with laughter.
  • Ilana getting stuck (Season 3, episode 1): Out of all the smart comedy and one liners in Broad City, Ilana getting stuck to the back a truck is one of my absolute favourites. I was giggling like a child for a solid five minutes.
  • Ilana does her taxes (Season 1, episode 2): Ilana thinks it’s time to be an adult and decides it’s time to visit an accountant. Ilana’s free and fluid spirit is chaos for the accountant. His break down is hilarious and completely unnecessary.
  • How ‘AM’ I? (Season 2, episode 8): Ilana looks after a rich kid for the day. The thought of Ilana looking after an impressionable child is both scary and hilarious. Her wisdom is fuelled by weed but it’s also very progressive and forward. I’d  say she’s kind of a good role model.
  • Nicole’s memos: Ilana’s coworker, who hates her, keeps memos of everytime Ilana annoys her and they’re hilarious. These kind of run throughout the show but I love them.
  • “Bitch, you’re 22” (Season 1, episode 9): Another one rom this episode but this comes when Ilana goes to visit her hook up buddy who is also a dentist. This 5 second interaction was had me in stitches. I don’t know why, but every time I’ve seen it since I can’t help but laugh.

And there they are. My favourite Broad City moments. I cannot urge you enough to watch this show. It’s SO funny. Honestly, watch it.

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