Summer Cinema: What I’m looking forward to.

The one thing I look most forward to when it comes to summer is catching up on some great cinema that I’ve missed out on over there year. University doesn’t really allow me to go to the cinema every month and see a bunch of films but as part of my bid to change my viewing habits and watch more current films I’ve already devised a little plan to make sure that I get to see the films I’ve been most looking forward to. Some of them on the list are ones I’ve been waiting for for a couple of years, others are ones a I recently heard about and am excited to watch. So here’s just a few on the films I’ll be watching over the summer. 

The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist: For me, The Conjuring was the best horror film of 2013 and one of the best for a long while. So I have high hopes for the sequel. However, I feel like James Wan can be very hit and miss with his horror films so I’m hoping that this isn’t the case with The Conjuring 2. However, this one is set in my neck of the woods with a story that I’m very familiar with and if the trailer has anything to go by, it looks like it might maintain its high level of horror.

conjuring 2

Now You See Me 2: The sequel to Louis Leterrier’s film about an order of magicians was witty, sleek and a lot of fun. While I’m a little disappointed that Isla Fisher won’t be returning, I’m sure Lizzy Caplan will be great. The trailer looks like we’re in for another thrill ride as we were the first time round.

De Palma: This one offers a look at film through the eyes of one of the most prominent story tellers in Hollywood. His films have managed to divide people with their controversial material but no one can deny that he’s made some of the most famous films in cinema history. While this was made in 2015, it’ll be one I’ll be watching over the summer.

de palma

The Purge: Election Year: I like that the Purge has made its own little chaotic world. It seems to have completely disbanded the suburban setting from the first film and has opted again for a city setting. But I like it. It’s a mixture of horror and action that I really enjoy, so I’m looking forward to the third film.

Suicide Squad: While DC is very hit and miss with its cinematic universe, The Suicide Squad really promises to be filled with action, chaos and crazy and I can’t bloody wait.

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