The Cutting Room #2

With each week that goes by I find myself more and more excited for summer. I didn’t realise how much TV and how many films I miss out on because of uni and work so I’m super excited to be able to catch up on everything over the summer. Summer is by far my favourite season, I’ve always loved it from being a kid. And I’m doubly excited for this one because I’m travelling around Europe for a few weeks! But before that, I need to finish up with uni. It’s been a quiet month in terms of my viewing habits but here’s what I’ve been up to.


Civil War was incredible. I cannot stop thinking about how amazing it was. Marvel are doing so well with the Captain America franchise, each film just gets better and better. I shared my views on it already but won’t pass down the chance to reiterate how great it was. I also got around to ticking two films off my Netflix watch list: those were Sorry, Wrong Number and the cult film Clue. I wrote a review for Sorry, Wrong Number but I literally just watched Clue before writing this; I loved it, very camp and ridiculous but I found it really funny. I’d definitely watch it again. Also, my girlfriend wanted to watch Legally Blonde so we did and I enjoyed it. I mean, it isn’t a good film but I have shame in saying that it was enjoyable and easy watching.


I haven’t watched much TV, I must admit. I’m saving most of it for when I get my summer break. I fought the urge to start The Magicians, which means I’m sticking to my word about my Summer TV schedule so that’s a bonus. However, I am keeping up with Orphan Black and that shit is getting so good. This could be one of my favourite seasons so far, aside from season one. I love the direction it’s heading in and the latest episode felt like a finale (even though there’s still 4 more episodes left) and I really can’t wait for the next episode.


I’m currently reading Half Bad by Sally Green which is an interesting one. It’s about witches but it has a gritty feel to it? I can’t really describe it. But I’m enjoying it. I’m also playing with the idea of writing a short story; I have a few ideas and I’m really excited about the prospect of writing so we’ll see how that goes.  This month saw Free Comic Book Day come back, so I got a copy of Civil War II which will be Marvel’s big event in the next few months. I’ll also be reading some of the surrounding stuff too, but not too sure on what exactly. And as always, with the amount of travelling I do on public transport I’ve been drowning the noise out with podcasts; Lore and NoSleep  are still going strong as my favourites.

I hope your May has been  fun, I can’t wait to see what you’re all watching in June!

Thanks for reading,

all the best,



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