Coherence (2013)

As a comet passes through the earth’s atmosphere, 8 friends find themselves caught up in dealing with alternate versions of themselves. What follows is a mind-bending and crazy story that will leave you asking: what would you do if you met an alternate version of yourself? 

Coherence is a low-budget, Sci-Fi flick that works extremely well with its tiny cast and sole setting. As we’re introduced to this social circle it’s clear that there’s a lot of history between them all. From the has-been actor Mike (Nicholas Brendon) who played Joe is TVs Roswell (or did he?) to the spiritual Beth (Elizabeth Gracen), who offers her friends ketamine as an amuse-bouche there’s secrets and lies that unfold throughout the nights events.

coherence 1

One thing Coherence does is keep you guessing. As the gang realise they’re dealing with alternate versions of themselves, you begin questioning if we’re following the same group throughout the entire film. Each version of each character has something slightly different about them and their history making it difficult to know who exactly we started off with. Attention to detail is vital when watching this film. It really is the little stuff that counts.

However, the film also poses a moral dilemma. As a couple of the characters find themselves in the wrong reality with the alternate versions of their friends, do they risk going back outside and trying to find their right reality, or do they adapt to their new world? And if you discover a reality that’s better than the one you’re from, is it totally wrong to take your own place in that reality?

coherence 2

Coherence is a clever and effective film that has the perfect run time. Any longer and it ran the risk of becoming boring. While its confusing and doesn’t offer a massive resolution, it works well. The camera work isn’t clean and glossy, its shaky and a little chaotic but it complements the film.

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