Fear Friday: The ‘Final Destination’ Trilogy.

This Fear Friday is going to be a little different in the sense I’m going to be talking about a series of horror/thriller films that many would argue are bad films. And while I wouldn’t be the first to disagree, I must admit that I do really enjoy these movies. Before I get into the whys, I’m gonna say that I’m not including the fourth and fifth films in this post because they are absolutely terrible. And there’s no denying that. Anyway, here’s what I love about the original Final Destination trilogy. 

  • The premise is so interesting. One person messes with death’s design by saving a group of people from some disaster so they each in turn have to die in a freak accident. The idea of cheating death, something we all must face, is fascinating.
  • It also makes me question who the really is. If the people who didn’t have those premonitions of the aeroplane crash/pile up/rollercoaster crash they’d have all died the way they should have. Instead, they all die in gruesome and more painful ways.
  • I love the characters in the first film, a lot. The OG’s Alex and Clear figuring it all out and trying to change the ‘design’ was a lot of fun to see. I also feel so sorry for Clear, like she had some shit go on in her life.

    final dest

    Image from IMDB

  • Which is why I loved her return in the second film.
  • The story line for the second film was also pretty decent. It showed the knock on effect of Alex’s vision from the first film. Causing a ripple in death’s design. There were also some pretty horrible deaths in that one.
  • The second one also gave me an irrational fear of air bags.
  • While I’m not one for a film that’s just about gore, I have to admit that the third film really does up the anti with its gore factor.
  • I loved how the DVD release of the third film let you change the design yourself, it had you picking the way certain things happened so you could change the outcome. I thought it was a good way to see deleted scenes and such.
  • The third one also gave me a completely rational fear of sunbeds.
  • Tony Todd’s character.
  • How the photos in the third film hinted at ways the characters would die.
  • All the little signs leading up to each disaster. The song in the first one, the kid with the trucks in the second and the not so subtle giant devil in the third.

    final destination 2

    Creepy kid gif is from Giphy

  • How there’s always one final death. It isn’t original but its fun.
  • The way they orchestrate each death. So elaborate. So ridiculous. So much faulty construction work.
  • The way they all connect. The first and second link directly, but the third film references the earlier ones in passing as a conspiracy theory.

They may not be the most artistic, challenging films, but they are good at what they do.

Thanks for reading,

all the best,



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