The Cutting Room #3

I’ve finally finished my second year of university and have about 3 months to myself! I’m taking full advantage of the warm(ish) weather by typing this while I sit in my garden. I’ve watched a lot of films over the past month and already dusted off one of my shows from my Summer TV List, abandoned another and making my way through a third. I’ve also been getting the final details of my trip across Europe together; I go at the end of next month so I’m currently planning blog posts that I can write and schedule now so that I don’t lose track of my consistent posting streak. Keeping with the holiday mood, I also booked a holiday with my girlfriend for next year so I have that to look forward to after my final year of uni. Anyway, the important stuff this month has been as follows:


Like I said, I’ve watched a lot of movies since my last Cutting Room post. The one’s I watched and reviewed (and enjoyed) were Bad NeighboursCoherence and Me Before You. I also saw X-Men: Apocalypse which I still have a ridiculous amount of anger towards. But I got over that when I saw The Conjuring 2 because that was one great film. I’m so so glad that James Wan has kept up his good work with the sequel because the Insidious sequel wasn’t great and I worried that The Conjuring 2 would follow the same suit. My Mum and I went to see Jodie Foster’s The Money Monster which was enjoyable and gripping. It was a little cliche at the end but I kind of expected that so I didn’t mind it. Finally, the most recent film I watched was The Gift which is on Netflix and I really didn’t like it. It was a slow burner but not a good one.


In terms of TV I did what I said I would and made a start on all the shows that interested me throughout the year but I didn’t get chance to pick up. I started with The Magicians and was really disappointed. Maybe I’ll give it another go but I just managed t get passed the first episode. In sadder news, Orphan Black came to a close with its final episode of season 4 and shortly after the news broke that season 5 would be its last. I have mixed feelings about it but I know it’s the right decision. The second season of Scream came back and for some reason it doesn’t air on MTV over in the UK but we get it on Netflix the next day (the same happens with Orphan Black, too!) I found myself getting a bit bored with the most recent episode but with the ending it had I have a feeling things are gonna start picking up again. Another show to return was Orange is the New Black which I finished in about 2 days. I loved season 4, it was great. Finally, I over the past couple of weeks or so I’ve become obsessed with iZombie which is from the creators of Veronica Mars so I knew I would enjoy it but I’m deeply committed to it now.


I’ve been reading some more this month, I started with reading some Buffy the Vampire Slayer books; they’re effectively just alternate adventures the scooby gang went on in between episodes/seasons, they’re a lot of fun and some of the stories are really interesting. Now I’m currently reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which isn’t unsual as I return to the Harry Potter books every now and again because I love them and the entire franchise was a huge part of my childhood.

Other than that, it’s been a month like no other.

Thanks for reading,

all the best,



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