‘iZombie’ Season One Review.

Rob Thomas’ iZombie has been on my list for a while now but when the first 2 seasons appeared on Netflix a couple of months ago I knew it was time for me to start, so it went on my summer watch list. And after my disappointing experience of The Magicians I turned to iZombie in hopes of some good television. And that was exactly what I got. Once again, Rob Thomas has managed to keep me invested and hooked on another snarky and exciting show.

In the first episode we’re introduced to trainee surgeon Olivia Moore. She seems to have it together; good job, nice friends and a do gooder fiance. However, when she attends a boat party with one of her colleagues chaos erupts and Liv finds herself being attacked by zombies. The boat eventually bursts into flames and a lot of people die, including Liv. However, that doesn’t last long because Liv wakes up in a bod bag a few hours later on the lake front and scurries away, hungry for brains. Cut to 5 months later: Liv is keeping her secret, ended things with her fiance and is now working as a Medical Examiner with the Seattle PD where she can slyly eat the brains of the already dead.

iZombie 1

Image from IMDB

The premise is a little camp. In a world of The Walking Dead it’s strange to see zombies in such a light way. The first episode wastes no time telling us almost everything we need to know about the zombies of this world: they need to eat brains to keep sustained (looking and acting like normal humans), they can’t taste anything if it isn’t hotter than lava so we constantly see Liv drowning her food in hot sauce, once they eat the brains of someone they inherit some of their memories and characteristics. The memories come through as visions which comes in extremely handy when helping on murder cases. And as silly it may seem, the works really well.

iZombie also has a great cast. Rose McIver is very similar to Kristen Bell in the way the portryaed the main portagonist; sassy, smart and also a little broken. It worked really well in Veronica Mars and it works really well here. However, McIver gets the chance to psread her wings when channelling the last person she just ate and I find her rather funny. However, the best comedy comes from Liv’s boss, Ravi (Raul Kohli) who spends most of season one trying to fins a cure for Liv’s zombieism. He’s also her positive enforcement, always trying to make her feel better while keeping a cool and sassy persona. Their chemistry together is really great to watch.

iZombie 3.jpg

Image from IMDB

As Liv works with homicide Detective Clive Babineaux to solve cases (with help from her visions) she tries her hardest to keep her zombie life and her personal life separate. However, when her ex fiance, Major, becomes involved in a missing person’s case and tracks it down to a ring of zombies (one of whom is the one who turned Liv) it becomes hard for her to keep things in place. It’s all very Rob Thomas. I knew I’d love this show because Veronica Mars is one of my favourite shows and this just oozes his trade mark. It has a great title sequence and the characters are great. It’s not something to take too seriously which is good because sometimes serious can be boring. It’s light hearted, funny and really good.

I’m part way through season 2 and it’s getting even better. Watch this show. It’s great.

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