The Cutting Room #4

Hello, hello! It has been a while and nothing much has changed. In my absence I did travel around Europe for 3 weeks which was amazing. 10 cities, 5 countries and a lot of sight seeing later and I definitely have the travelling bug. Since I got back in mid August I celebrated my 20th birthday which was nice, but also reminded me that this year I have to get my shit together and find a proper job as I begin my final year of uni a week tomorrow.


I haven’t watched that many movies since being back. I did go to the cinema to see Suicide Squad and wasn’t impressed. I found it irksome. I didn’t feel like it was necessary. But I did love the acting, espeically Will Smtih and Margot Robie. They were great. I also saw Now You See Me 2 which wasn’t as good as the first but I did love it. You really have to suspend all disbelief and take in the spectacle and I like that a lot. And Lizzy Caplan was great.


I came to a bit of a standstill with TV before and after my trip because I didn’t want to commit to anything and have it interrupted. But for the past couple of weeks I’ve been binging Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show, Chelsea, I have a feeling she’s a bit like marmite over in the states (you either love her or hate her) and I just so happen to love Marmite. She’s blunt and a little crass but I really like her Netflix show because it isn’t just mindless babble, it’s actual topics of conversation. I’m learning a lot about US politics and laughing my arse off at the same time.

I also watched Stranger Things and fell in love with it. What a wonderful show. I’m so happy everyone else loves it. I can’t begin to describe how much I love it.

My parents and I also binged the first season of Happy Valley on Saturday morning. Which is just phenomenal British television. It’s also filmed up my neck of the woods which adds to my love for it. It’s a police drama series and the lead actress, Sarah Lancashire, is incredible. Finally, the first episode of American Horror Story season 6 aired last week and I really enjoyed it. I’ve been slating the show for a couple of years now because the last two seasons have been so extra. But this season feels stripped back and like the first season (which was the best, imo).


I read the last 3 Harry Potter books when I got home. I honestly feel like every single book is one of my horcruxes because I just love them so so much. I actually feel lucky to have it in my life. I’m currently reading Girl on the Train which I’m enjoying. It’s really testing my patience though, I keep getting frustrated with the main protagonist, Rachel. But I’m looking forward to the film adaptation that’s out later this year!

Also, episode 40 of Aaron Mahnke’s Lore podcast was ace. It looked at Voodoo practitioners and pirates in New Orleans; super interesting.

That’s about it for this time. There’s a couple of new changes for Actual Andrew coming over the next few posts: a new rating system for one. I’m going for stag antlers this time, mainly because I love them and think they look cool. Thanks for reading!



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