5 Reasons I love Chelsea Handler on Netflix.

Over the summer I’ve become a little obsessed with Chelsea Handler’s Netflix shows. I mentioned this briefly in Cutting Room #4 but I wanted to elaborate more on it. My only experience of Chelsea Handler is from her shows on Netflix and her social media, I didn’t have access to E! so I never watched her late-night talk show on that.For anyone who doesn’t know who Chelsea Handler is, she used to be on E! with her talk show Chelsea Lately (I was shocked to find that her last name wasn’t Lately), she’s also a New York times best selling author of multiple books and is really fucking funny. I have been telling my friends and family about her shows for weeks but are our feelings even real anymore if we don’t post about them online? The answer is ‘no’. So here’s why I love watching Chelsea Handler on Netflix.

  1. She’s funny: Her humour is really quite dry and close to the bone sometimes. But that’s my sense of humour. I find it to be more honest and relatable. Her talk show Chelsea and her documentary series Chelsea Does have some hilarious moments. She’s really open and is the first person to make fun of herself which I admire because I find a lot of comedy now is just attacking other people for a laugh. The comedy just seems more natural and genuine whilst still being playful and smart.
  2. She’s informative: I was really surprised at how much I’ve learned watching the talk show and documentaries. The four documentaries look at marriage, technology, racism and drugs and shed light into those four topics through Chelsea’s perspective. We follow her as she learns about more about subjects that fascinate her.  With the talk show, every episode you learn a little something new. Whether that’s what would happen if the moon disappeared or what a Super Delegate is. (I had no idea because we don’t have those in British politics.) There’s also a bit of a focus on the Presidential race at the minute which is good because it’s important and even though I’m not American, it still has an affect on my country. I like that it isn’t just mindless chitter chatter. It’s solid, real conversation about important stuff.chelsea-does
  3. Great mix of guests: The guests aren’t just celebrities trying to market their new film/album/show, there’s politicians on there, scientists, old aged Armenian women and most importantly Chelsea’s dogs. The guests seem really relaxed and Chelsea is really warm towards them. I also love how there’s some episodes filmed at Chelsea’s house where she hosts dinner parties and the guests talk about serious issues like race, parenting and politics.
  4. It’s fresh: It’s not like every other single talk show that airs on TV in England. There’s actual content that you take away with you and think about. Some of the stuff that she looks at is really eye opening and I think some talk show hosts just look at really superficial stuff with their guests and I like really like that.
  5. She’s on Netflix: Netlfix means not everything is censored as is on tv. There’s room to look into topics that might be seen as too much for TV. Especially on Chelsea Does where she talks openly about taking drugs and does drugs on camera, filming her reaction to it.

I just find her to be really hooking and fantastic at what she does. I’m learning, laughing and wanting to drink more than I ever have before. L’chaim. 



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