The Cutting Room #5

I’m beginning to feel bad for my blog because I don’t treat it right. I’ll post regularly for a while, feeding it with content and activity and then I just cut it off and let it run by itself. Then after neglecting it for a couple of months I waltz right back in as if nothing has happened and hook it back up, knowing deep down that there’s always that chance I’ll cut its supply once again. But aside from that, things have been busy.

The final year of uni has finally driven me to the point where I’m excited to leave. I’ve been in education close to 17 years, I need a break from it. Job hunting is going well, I’ve currently got everything crossed that I find something before I graduate. Most of my time, however, has been taken up by my very first podcast! I’ve been working on a fiction series for a while now and it’s finally released this month so that should be good. I’ve worked so hard on it and I’m looking forward to people hearing it.


Because of uni I haven’t been able to see any films at the cinema for a long while so the only films I’ve seen are ones that have been out a while. Me and my girlfriend watched Bad Moms the other day and I laughed a lot. It was really extra but it worked; nice, easy watching. I also watched Fed Up which is a documentary about the food industry and it changed my life. I’m not even joking. It changed the way I think about food and really opened my eyes.

I’m also all over the Oscars this year. I’m determined to watch as many of the nominations as I can because I always seem to miss out on them when there’s the buzz surrounding them.


I’m always watching something. My current obsession is Riverdale which is shown on Netflix in the UK; it’s only 2 episodes but it’s a very cult-y/YA-mystery based on the Archie Comics. I haven’t read them, but the show is so good.

There was also the Sense8 special over Christmas (I can’t believe it’s that long since I was last here) which I loved. It was fucking LONG, but the show is such a gem and can’t recommend it enough.

I’ve also been watching a lot of true crime and autopsy documentaries because they fascinate me. The Jon Benet Ramsey one is one I’m still going on about.


I’m currently reading The Raven Boys by Maggie S which is good so far, but I’m only a few chapters in. I finally caught up with The Wicked and the Divine which I think is my favourite comic series at the minute.

That’s about all I’ve been up to. Like I said, nothing too exciting because of university. Blogging is going to be sanctuary for a while, until I’m done with uni. Then hopefully I can do more things with it! Thanks for reading.




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