Ranking my Favourite ‘Buffy’ Seasons.

Just in case I’ve never mentioned it before; Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my all time favourite show and probably always will be. As cliche as it sounds, I grew up with this show and it still is a big part of my life. The fact that it’s almost 20 years old only cements how special it is to me. I’m sure nearly every man and his dog has seen at least one episode but, on the off chance you haven’t, watch itIt has the best balance of action and humour. The writing is fantastic. And it has some of the most wonderful and fearful standalone episodes on television. I’ve thought a lot about my favourite seasons/episodes but don’t think I’ve ever actually documented it on here. (Apologies if I have, but here they are anyway)

*This list is only including the seasons that aired on TV*

  • Season 4I wasn’t a big fan of the military spin that this season had. I didn’t like the Initiative and felt like Buffy’s love interest, Riley, was a little too plastic. This was Buffy’s transition from High School to College so there were a few teething problems. However, the season did have some really great things about it: the episodes Hush and Restless are some of the best in the entire series. And Willow’s development in this season is beautiful. But I really can’t ever forgive season 4 for Beer Bad.
  • Season 6: This was the first season where Buffy aired on a new network and it does have a really different feel to it. It was much more extravegant and louder than its previous seasons and it was a little difficult to adjust to it. And the villains this season were just ridiculous. But it was far from a bad season. Season six saw Buffy battle depression which felt really natural and gave her some really good development. There was also an addiction story line that is heartbreaking. And finally, the musical episode fit in perfectly here and was really really fun.
  • Season 7: The final season was a whole mixture of emotions and had a lot of changes. A lot of people say they didn’t like the ending but I personally felt like it was a wonderful direction to take the show’s mythology. The season overall wasn’t the most exciting or classic Buffy but in order for the ending to work well, that’s how it needed to be.
  • Season 1: The show’s fans seem to hate season 1, but I never understood that. Yeah it was a little cheesy in places and the monster of the week format isn’t for everyone but season 1 was great. The season’s finale Prophecy Girl is one of the best episodes in the show. The first season was picking up the pieces of the god-awful movie and it did a good job of it.
  • Season 5: The overall story arch of season 5 is really good. It gave the show a really fresh lift. Buffy is the only show I know that can give the main character a sister 5 seasons in after making it very clear that she was an only child AND MAKE IT WORK. The main villain, Glory, was Buffy personified: clever, funny and also quite scary. This was also a really heart breaking season for everyone with not just one, but two deaths in the main cast. The Body is also one of the most beautiful and harrowing episodes on the whole of tv.
  • Season 3: This was the season where Buffy had to grow up a little. With the introduction of a new Slayer, Buffy had to be the mature one. On top of that, she was dealing with the aftermath of season 2 and worry about the fact she may have no future due to her Slaying duties. Also, this season gave me my favourite character, Faith.
  • Season 2: To me, the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the best season of television I’ve watched. It’s beautiful, upsetting and has some of the best character development. The two-part finale is perfection. The twist in the middle changes everything and I think this was the season that made me really fall in love with this show.

So there it is. What’s your favourite season?



5 thoughts on “Ranking my Favourite ‘Buffy’ Seasons.

  1. rambling kori says:

    Beer Bad was awful, but S1 of Buffy in itself made me cringe. I really like S6, it was much more darker. My favorite season is season 4. Even though I hated Riley, I hated Angel more and the first season without him was refreshing, I also like the whole transition from high school to college.


    • actualandrew says:

      I love season 1, I think it has a certain, special quality. Season 4 had some incredible stand alone episodes, just the whole story arc didn’t rock my world. The thing with Buffy is I don’t 100% hate any season at all, I prefer season 4 of Buffy to some of my other favourite tv shows. Angel/Angelus is one of my favourite things about season 2. I loved seeing that change and the story it created. I think it was vital for Buffy’s growth. But then again, so was season 6. That was probably the season where Buffy altered the most and I really do think her development in s6 is heart breaking but also crucial at the same time. Thanks for reading!


      • rambling kori says:

        I couldn’t stand Angel but I love Angelus. I don’t hate any season persay but there are seasons that I adore compared to others. The story arc in S4 was rocky and it was ehhh at times, but it is my favorite. I think Buffy started to make her change in S5 when her mother died, up until then Joyce provided the normalcy that she needed, once she was gone Buffy was truly alone.


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