Thursday Movie Picks: Superheroes/Super powers.

I got very excited when I saw this week’s Thursday Movie Picks for two reasons: 1) TELEVISION EDITION!!! 2) SUPERHEROES!!! While Marvel dominate our cinema screens and DC try to do the same, superheroes on TV have really taken off so this week’s theme is current and fits well. My picks are going to be a mix of shows that I’ve watched at different stages in my life and have revisited since watching. So without further ado, here we go.

The Batman (2004) 

Just one of the many Batman cartoons that are always playing on Cartoon Network. The Batman isn’t cannon with any of the comics, it merely draws inspiration from the stories and ideas. I chose this, however, because I used to watch it every. single. day as a kid. I’d gt home from school and this would be on. The on a weekend, I’d marathon it. I couldn’t get enough. I think it had the right amount of darkness and comedy that I wanted as a kid so it was definitely one of my favourite cartoons growing up. While it’s definitely not the best Batman on TV, it was my favourite.


Image from IMDB

Heroes (2006)

I have a feeling this will be popular this week, or at least I hope it will. Heroes followed a bunch of people around the world who developed superpowers because they had special genetics. The show’s first season was loved by nearly everyone and things kind of sloped off from there. I really enjoyed it despite its decline, it was different and diverse and had some really interesting and gripping characters I just wish it would have been better. As a teenager my little nerd heart would get excited on a Tuesday night when it was time for Heroes. Despite that, I didn’t watch Heroes: Reborn because I knew it’d be cancelled straight away, I think, sadly, the Heroes ship has sailed but still gave us some wonderful talent and an amazing first season so it definitely deserves a place on my list.

Jessica Jones (2015)

When Marvel and Netflix teamed up there was very little chance of something awful happening. Dare Devil was a success and the production quality was strong. But nothing (for me) has come close to Jessica Jones, yet. Krysten Ritter plays the anti-hero with a drinking problem who is recovering from her escape from an evil, sociopath who has the ability to control people’s minds. It’s such a dark and adult take on the superhero world as Jessica must face her abuser to stop him in his tracks. The writing was intelligent, exciting and so deep that alone had me gripped. But the cast is so amazing as well that it’s hard to not love this show.

Jessica Jones.jpg

Image from IMDB

That’s it once again for this week! I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s picks.



2 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: Superheroes/Super powers.

  1. joelnox says:

    Good picks. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any of them! I’m just not much of a series watcher anymore and even less so ones that deal with superheroes.

    I’ve seen Jessica James show up a couple of times this week. I knew nothing about it before but the positive response may lead me to look at it. I remember Heroes and the big deal it was for a time but it was on the wrong night for me to get into the habit of watching since it was just before the DVR era. I’m not an animation fan, though one of my picks is just that this week simply because it’s silly fun, so The Batman wouldn’t be for me…though I used to watch the Adam West live action one in reruns when I was a kid.

    I struggled quite a bit to come up with three for this, I loved the Lois & Clark Superman series but has used it before, but managed to come up with a trio that I enjoyed occasionally.

    The Tick (1994-1996)-Ridiculously amusing animated series about a somewhat thick superhero clad in a bright blue costume along with his moth costume wearing sidekick Arthur, who has a wry, patient attitude with his often lunk-headed compatriot fights the bad guys in “The City”. They blunder about but still somehow manage to say the day. What else is there to say about a superhero whose call to arms is “SPOON!”

    The Flash (1990-1991)-When Barry Allen (John Wesley Shipp), a forensic police scientist, suffers a freak accident being struck by lightning and covered in chemicals at the same time a chain reaction occurs giving him super human powers and the ability to move at the speed of sound. While learning how to control his new found powers a calamity occurs which sets him on the path to be the protector of the good people of Central City. Short-lived series had a nice sense of humor mixed in with its action sequences.

    The Greatest American Hero (1981-1983)-After a chance encounter with aliens in the desert late at night where he is gifted with a magical red suit high school teacher Ralph Hinkley (William Katt) along with fellow witness FBI man Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp) attempt to fight crime using the suit’s powers. A couple of problems present themselves right away, Ralph and Bill are a silk and sandpaper match and even more troubling the pair have lost the instructions for the suit so they have to puzzle out how it works as they go along leading to trouble and a lot of bruises for Ralph. Engagingly played by Katt & Culp along with Connie Sellecca as Ralph’s girlfriend Pam.


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