Favourite Flicks.

So, it occurred to me recently that, despite occasionally running a film-centric blog, I’ve never told you guys what my favourite films are. Now I could be here for days listing all the films I love and the reasons why, but actually choosing my all time favourites proved quite difficult, but I somehow managed it. It’s not a ridiculously long list but it’s not short; I’ve even compiled some franchises into one choice because things would get silly otherwise. Anyway, here they are, my all time favourite films as of February, 2017:

Carrie (1976) Dir. Brian DePalma: So the first memory I have of Carrie is my Dad showing me the part where she flips the ash tray off the principle’s desk. I never gave the film much thought until I used it for a project in school (I was looking at representations of women in horror films and Carrie was my main text) and I completely fell in love with it. It’s nothing less than heart breaking. I don’t think I have every sympathised with a character more in my life. The performances from Sissy Spaceck and Piper Laurie are amazing and the story is adapted well from Steven King’s novel.

Scream franchise (1996 – 2011) Dir. Wes Craven: It’s this franchise I have to thank for my love of horror films. The first film is a masterpiece and the sequels are great (yes, even the third one). It was my first fanboy film, I know the franchise inside out and probably will always love it. Not only is it an iconic horror film, it’s also an iconic 90s film and I can quote all 4 films without taking a breath.

Harry Potter franchise (2001 – 2011) Dir. Various: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I feel so lucky to have been part of the Harry Potter generation. It was a big part of my childhood and is a big part of my adulthood. I reread the books every couple of years and could watch the films over and over without boredom setting in. I think the film adaptations were magical (for want of a better word) and really captured the stunning world that JK Rowling set up for us.

The Breakfast Club (1986) Dir. John Hughes:  One of my best friends got me to watch this film after she harped on about it for months and the minute I did I was hooked. It seems every young adult and teenager ~identifies~ with TBC but can you really blame them? It really is one of the best (if not thee best) coming of age films I’ve ever seen.

Stand By Me (1986) Dir. Rob Reiner: Speaking of coming of age films, this Steven King adaptation (I see a pattern emerging) is one that really resonates with me. It’s such a beautiful look at growing up and every time I watch it, it gives me this pang of nostalgia and fear because it reminds you how horrible and simple being a kid is.

The Lost Boys (1987) Dir. Joel Schumacher: This list is beginning to sound like a love letter to the 80s. My problematic relationship with nostalgia is probably why I love this film so much. The ‘be a teen forever’ ideology in Lost Boys is just part of the reason I love it. I like the mythology of the vampires , the perfect mix of comedy and action and some excellent performances all round. (I’m also very excited for the TV adaptation, but only because Rob Thomas is behind it).

The Craft (1996) Dir. Andrew Fleming: Anything to do with witchcraft has me hooked instantly and The Craft is no exception. It’s such an iconic piece of 90s teen cinema and actually is so fascinating. Fairuza Balk is terrific as Nancy and steals the show.

Cruel Intentions (1999) Dir. Roger Kumble: Speaking of 90s cinema, Cruel Intentions mixes some of the most iconic actors of the decade (Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillipe) adds Upper East Side debutants and injects a lot of hormones and creates an insane, extra and quotable piece of film. Performances all round were great, but no one does Kathryn quite like Gellar. (Definitely not Amy Adams)

Lion king (1994): honestly the best Disney film there is.

Donnie Darko (2001) Dir. Richard Kelly: an infantile Jake Gyllenhaal suffers a mental break and begins conversing with a giant bunny named frank. That’s probably the worst way to describe the film but the psychological sci-fi thriller has everything going for it. It’s atmospheric, eerie and has time travel. It makes you look for an answer that you’re not even promised. You’re not lazily fed everything and that’s my favourite kind of story telling. Also props to Drew Barrymore’s production company for giving it a theatrical release!

…And that’s it. In black and white, my favourite films. As I wrote this I realised I have some underlying issues with nostalgia and growing up and I’m a sucker for teen films. (I’m only 20 so I guess it isn’t too bad). If your favourite film is on here let me know, if it isn’t tell me why it should be! Thanks for reading.



One thought on “Favourite Flicks.

  1. joelnox says:

    Though none of these number among my all-time favorites there are several I really like.

    Stand By Me is such a deceptively powerful movie. It sort of ambles along but the thread of friendship is so well done, and the acting so good, by the end your realize how special the film is. It’s my favorite of those you’ve listed.

    I don’t ever re-watch Carrie, I’m not much of a horror fan, but as a showcase for two terrific performances it was worth seeing. Love Sissy Spacek though I prefer her in her other work. In the same vein Lost Boys is absurd but a fun thrill ride.

    There are other John Hughes films I like better, Sixteen Candles is my fav, but The Breakfast Club has many charms.

    I listened on audio (I’ll never be able to imagine them in any other voice than Jim Dale’s) rather than read the Harry Potters and found them highly enjoyable but found the movies variable. The first was horrendous but they got progressively better as they went along, and what a supporting cast!!


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