Logan (2017) | Spoiler free.

Hugh Jackman’s farewell to the character he’s played for 17 years didn’t hold back; the third Wolverine film and 97th X-Men film gave Jackman a perfect send off and left much to be discussed for the future of the X-Men franchise. At the time of writing, I’ve literally just got back from the cinema so I’m writing this review still reeling from the fantastic piece of cinema that was Logan.

First things first: Logan is without a doubt the best film in the entire X-Men franchise and one of the best superhero films I’ve ever seen. To call it a Superhero movie, to me, kind of cheapens how sophisticated Logan is. Not because Superhero movies can’t be smart and innovative; I think we’ve seen a lot of that from Marvel over the years. But it doesn’t have that glossy and spectacle feel to it, the film like the man himself is gritty and grown up. It’s harsh and takes unexpected twists at every moment. To me, it felt like a real gritty Western/Gangster movie with characters that happened to be mutants.

logan 3

Image from IMDB. 

I’m not afraid to admit that Wolverine/Logan wasn’t ever my favourite character; after seeing him in so many films and being given the same tough nut, no nonsense, anti-hero it was growing tired. But Logan changed that. Set in 2029 in a world with barely any mutants, Logan is just trying to make enough money so he can buy a boat and escape to the sea with a demntia-stricken Charles Xavier. The Wolverine is long gone. He can’t heal as quick, his claws don’t rip out as fast. He’s an old man. And I’m so happy because it gave Jackman something new to deal with and he pulled it off terrifcally. Yeah he’s still an arse hole like Logan always was, but his fight has mostly gone. Jackman finally got the chance to take his character somewhere new and it paid off.

With Logan an old man and Charles suffering from dementia the film is much more mature. It can be hard to watch at times, not because of the violence (we’ll come to that in a sec) but because of what it all means. These character’s we’ve seen over the past 17 years have time and time again fought the bad guy and won, but this time it might not be enough. While the action scenes are fantastically done and the violence definitely lives up to the 15 Rating (I think Diego said it best: “You see more metal going through heads than an entire season of The Walking Dead”) it isn’t the most important part about Logan and it really isn’t the best.

logan 5.jpg

Image from IMDB.

The young mutant Logan reluctantly protects, played by Dafne is fantastic as X-23. Being a fan of the comics, I already knew about her origins, but her chemistry with Jackman and Stewart was wonderful. She delivered a strong performance and I’m curious to see what her future in the Mutant Universe will be.

logan 2

Image from IMDB.

Logan wasn’t perfect; I had a few issues with a certain scene that I felt was there just for more violence. But it introduced an unexpected villain, so it played its part. The fact this was Jackman’s final ride is bittersweet; I’m excited to see what they’ll do with the character but it’s sad to see him go. Even more annoying that it took them this long to get it right. But they did, and it was incredible.

Let me know what you thought of Logan!



4 thoughts on “Logan (2017) | Spoiler free.

  1. Film Music Central says:

    I loved Logan!! The ending made me cry, the whole deal with X-24 was interesting and I really want to see Laura/X-23 in a film of her own (and am I the only one who sees a possibility of introducing Alpha Flight because the young mutants fled to Canada??) But I loved this movie 🙂


  2. Sean says:

    I liked this film a lot and am really glad Logan got a proper send-off. I agree it’s not really a superhero film even though it’s about a superhero. It’s good enough that it even makes me feel okay about this being Jackman’s last stand as Wolverine.


  3. sati says:

    Yeah it didn’t feel like a superhero movie, it was truly a Western road movie combination. I agree that action scenes were just an addition – the script and especially the performances were the most amazing part. I don’t remember the last time the movie moved me this much


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