Fear Friday: Short Horror Films [PART 2]

It’s back! It’s back! My favourite part of blogging is when I get to talk about horror films. And I haven’t been able to do that for a long while. So, here I am again. Talking shit about scary films. Easing into things, I’ll only put you through short bursts of terrifying torture with some short horror films. I shared some of my favourite short horror films with you way back when and thought it was time to share some more. Short horror, when done well, can provide a few minutes of undiluted tension and fear and also show how effective squeezing a whole narrative into 5 or so minutes. So, I thought I’d do a follow up and highlight some of my favourite quick horrors I’ve come across since my first post!

The first one comes from director Liam Banks, Mr Creak (2015) is a mixture of The Babadook and Insidious with its feel and premise. A woman in an abandoned house with a bunch of creepy toys finds a poem and encounters Mr. Creak. It’s a really good tension builder and a really well done. I found this film through the BBC when they did a TV programme called The Fear which was a competition of short horror films. Unfortunately this one didn’t win but I think it should have.

Another Daywalt film that I enjoyed was Doppleganger (2010). Anything that makes me question everything around me and makes me think that what I’m seeing might not be true really gets me and this film does that well. No jump scares, just a bloody good twist.

This little Spanish animation called Alma (2009) (meaning ‘soul’) is another that doesn’t provide any jump scares but enough chills to leave you uncomfortable. What looks like a children’s film with its beautiful animation and lovely sound track takes a sinister turn inside a toy shop because all toys are evil. I really enjoyed this one and it gave me a bit of a Coraline vibe which, as you all know, is the scariest film of our generation. Director, Rodrigo Blaas, has done a really wonderful job.

If you think I’m missing out on any golden short flicks, leave them in the comments and I’ll check them out. Short horror films are such a good part of the Horror genre and I think they’re often over looked. There’s some amazing talent out there and I’d love to see more of it.



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