Fear Friday: Trailer Reviews.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this but this Fear Friday I’ll be talking about a few horror trailers for films due to be released  this year. I’ve already mentioned IT in Cutting Room #8 but I didn’t get to properly get into it so there’ll be talk of that. I’ll also be discussing Annabelle 2 and It Comes at Night.

It. /  Andres Muschietti / September 2017

Stephen King’s unsettling (and really long) novel is once again coming to the big screen and when the trailer hit the internet sometime last month, it left horror fans reeling. While the original film is loved amongst King/horror fans I personally found it quite slow; it’s not a bad film it’s just one I have to be in the mood to watch. However, the trailer for the IT remake looks very promising. The film, which is intended to be the first of two, brings King’s rich story to life whilst delivering some really exciting horror elements. I definitely get some Stranger Things vibes from the young cast and not to mention how fucking scary Pennywise looks, IT definitely looks extremely promising.

Annabelle: Creation / David F. Sandberg

I’ve mentioned a few times how much I loved The Conjuring; it was a really solid and scary film. And it was only a matter of time before the creepy doll that opened the first Conjuring film got a chance to be the star of the show. However, the first Annabelle came nowhere near in delivering the same impact. And I’m afraid the second instalment looks to recycling the same story we’ve seen not only in Annabelle but in so many other horrors before. It’s an origin story –  which in itself is dissapointing – but I can’t imagine the new film bringing anything new to the table.

It Comes At Night / Trey Edward Shults / June 2017

I really like this trailer. It looks so eerie and creepy and while it doesn’t give much away in terms of plot – the only thing I can kinda of gather is a group of people in some sort of woods (maybe in isolation) trying to fend of something that has hurt a member of the group – but it looks to be extremely unsettling. I love the repetition of dialogue and sounds it really unsettles me so it’s doing its job. I think it’s going to be slow burning, low budget thriller/horror that has a lot of atmosphere which – when done well – can produce some of the scariest kinds of films.

That’s pretty much is for this Fear Friday. Let me know what you think of the trailers and whether I’m missing some vital horrors. Thanks for reading!


All images from IMDB.


8 thoughts on “Fear Friday: Trailer Reviews.

  1. livesinstone says:

    Ooh, nice choices. Tres Creepy! This is the first time I’ve seen the trailer for IT and originally I wasn’t too excited about it because the old story is one of my all time favorites from King, but this looks like they might just do it justice. Nice post. 🙂


      • livesinstone says:

        It really does! I know the original will always have a place in my heart (clay animation in that bathroom scene or no, lol!) but I’m quite curious about how it stacks up with the original, and the book, and particularly how they choose to do the end. The original TV miniseries was definitely a bit lacking in that one, but the possibilities available now could be very cool! OK, now I’m excited! 🙂


      • actualandrew says:

        I’m glad you’re excited, the remake looks like it could be really good. I have faith that the remake will be true to the book. If it isn’t, Stephen King won’t think twice about bashing it the way he does with The Shining.

        Liked by 1 person

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