Cutting Room #9

This week has been absolutely mental. Not only do I have the ongoing fight with my dissertation (which is actually coming along quite well it’s just a lot of work and really stressful), my girlfriend also turned 21 which meant my months of planning, preparing and purchasing all came to a head. We did get away to a spa for the night and it was amazing to pretend that there was no such thing as stress.

The government (UK) has also decided to hold another general election in June which means my Twitter and Facebook has been filled with political campaigning and some really good memes. I also had a job interview! I think it went well, but I’ll find out next week just how well it actually went.


I’ve been really rubbish with films recently. I did see and review Power Rangers which I enjoyed. But I didn’t get around to seeing Life which is annoying, but I’ll get to it eventually. I also rewatched Bridesmaids with my girlfriend because it was on TV on Sunday night and after discussing it in my last Thursday Movie Picks it seemed like a sign from the Movie Gods.


Even though I’m knee deep in dissertation stress, I did take some time to watch the same show everyone else on the planet is watching: 13 Reasons Why. And, like most people, I really enjoyed it. Yeah it’s far from perfect and is very graphic, but as far as Netflix shows go, it’s a really good show. The cast was strong and the meaning behind it is important. I’m glad it’s opening people’s eyes.

I’m also caught up on Riverdale; I fell behind for some unknown reason but I really like the mystery element that’s running through this season.

Two of my favourite shows also returned this month: iZombie came back for season 3 and it’s taken a bit of a different turn, but one I like. The characters are getting some really important development and I’m loving it. My favourite talk show also returned, Chelsea Handler is back with her Netflix talk show and isn’t passing on any opportunity to bash Donald Trump. I’m so glad she’s back.


To fill the gap between The NoSleep Podcast season 8 and 9, I’m going to be binging S-Town; a podcast from the creators of Serial which I’ve been so excited to get in to. I’ve left it a while before doing so because it drives me crazy waiting week by week for a new episode.

That’s it for this Cutting Room instalment. I’ll keep you all posted on any developments that happen. I might even go to the cinema at some point. Who knows? Thanks for reading.



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