Andrew, 21, film buff and food lover.


8 thoughts on “About”

      1. No, just have reviewed a film with one of the actors or actresses from it, there is quite a list you’ll find on imdb so if you’ve done a film from the 70s or 80s its worth looking to see if any of the cast were in it!


  1. Hello!! So pleased to meet you 🙂 was really smiling when I read your About Me! Sounds weird but I just think we’ll get along, I like your style!

    Promise to give anyone saying “media students just sit around watching films!” the middle finger.


  2. I studied film & TV production – everyone thought that it was so easy – oh no it aint. I also got the ‘all you do is watch films’ too, but we barely watched films. Sometimes we’d watch clips from things but only in the history class. Towards the end of 3rd the teacher became lazy and put on films for no reason and just said we should watch this because its good!


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