Mt Rushmore of Great Opening Scenes

SO, one of my favourite things to do on my here blog is participate in Blogathons, especially really cool ones like Two Dollar Cinema’s Mt Rushmore of Movies 2017 blogathon. The rules are simple: take 4 cinematic things you love and tell us why they should be carved into rock for all eternity. Don’t hold back. It’s a chance to talk about something you love so DO IT! For me, nothing beats a really good opening scene. So I’m gonna share some of my favourites, but if that’s not your vibe then make sure you head over to Two Dollar Cinema to find something that is. But first, at least give my picks a chance?

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Favourite Flicks.

So, it occurred to me recently that, despite occasionally running a film-centric blog, I’ve never told you guys what my favourite films are. Now I could be here for days listing all the films I love and the reasons why, but actually choosing my all time favourites proved quite difficult, but I somehow managed it. It’s not a ridiculously long list but it’s not short; I’ve even compiled some franchises into one choice because things would get silly otherwise. Anyway, here they are, my all time favourite films as of February, 2017:

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Thursday Movie Picks: Superheroes/Super powers.

I got very excited when I saw this week’s Thursday Movie Picks for two reasons: 1) TELEVISION EDITION!!! 2) SUPERHEROES!!! While Marvel dominate our cinema screens and DC try to do the same, superheroes on TV have really taken off so this week’s theme is current and fits well. My picks are going to be a mix of shows that I’ve watched at different stages in my life and have revisited since watching. So without further ado, here we go.

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Inferno (2016)

Dr. Robert Langdon once again finds himself in a race against time deciphering symbols hidden within classical art and literature to uncover the secrets and put a stop to the detination of a deadly virus that will cause another black plague and extinguish over half the world’s population.  This time Langdon has Dr Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) as his sidekick as the two try to out run a team of assassins who are after Langdon across the beautiful Florentine and Venician landscape.

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The Cutting Room #6

I’ve been really busy in the past couple of weeks but I’ve still managed to blog which is good, I’m glad I’ve kept to my word. The reason for me being so busy is partly uni and partly personal. I’m super excited to announce that my podcast is now live! I’ve been working so so hard on it and I’d love for you guys to give it a listen. It’s a fictional whodunit-style mystery about an internet celebrity going missing. It’s called Who Took Harmony Warren and it’s entirely produced and written by me, there’s a full cast of talented people and I’m really proud of it! So if you’re feeling nice, maybe you’ll give it a listen and let me know what you think?

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A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017)  

Best to start with a confession: I haven’t read a single book of the A Series of Unfortunate Events book series, so I can’t compare the tv series to the book. However, I have seen the film more times than I care to admit. And while I enjoyed the film very much, I kind of knew deep down it wasn’t a good adaptation. So when Netflix announced they were adapting it for a series, I knew it was in good hands.

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Ranking my Favourite ‘Buffy’ Seasons.

Just in case I’ve never mentioned it before; Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my all time favourite show and probably always will be. As cliche as it sounds, I grew up with this show and it still is a big part of my life. The fact that it’s almost 20 years old only cements how special it is to me. I’m sure nearly every man and his dog has seen at least one episode but, on the off chance you haven’t, watch itIt has the best balance of action and humour. The writing is fantastic. And it has some of the most wonderful and fearful standalone episodes on television. I’ve thought a lot about my favourite seasons/episodes but don’t think I’ve ever actually documented it on here. (Apologies if I have, but here they are anyway)
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The Cutting Room #5

I’m beginning to feel bad for my blog because I don’t treat it right. I’ll post regularly for a while, feeding it with content and activity and then I just cut it off and let it run by itself. Then after neglecting it for a couple of months I waltz right back in as if nothing has happened and hook it back up, knowing deep down that there’s always that chance I’ll cut its supply once again. But aside from that, things have been busy.

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The Invitation (2015)

Will and his new girlfriend Kira attend a dinner party hosted by Will’s ex-wife, Eden and her new husband, David who have been away in Mexico for the past two years. What should be a night of reminiscing and laughter turns sour and tense when Eden and David’s strange behaviour makes Will tense and suspicious. The Invitation goes from a strange, psychological drama to a gripping and tense thriller within in minutes keeping us guessing right until the very end.  Continue reading