Fear Friday: Trailer Reviews.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this but this Fear Friday I’ll be talking about a few horror trailers for films due to be released  this year. I’ve already mentioned IT in Cutting Room #8 but I didn’t get to properly get into it so there’ll be talk of that. I’ll also be discussing Annabelle 2 and It Comes at Night.

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Fear Friday: Short Horror Films [PART 2]

It’s back! It’s back! My favourite part of blogging is when I get to talk about horror films. And I haven’t been able to do that for a long while. So, here I am again. Talking shit about scary films. Easing into things, I’ll only put you through short bursts of terrifying torture with some short horror films. I shared some of my favourite short horror films with you way back when and thought it was time to share some more. Short horror, when done well, can provide a few minutes of undiluted tension and fear and also show how effective squeezing a whole narrative into 5 or so minutes. So, I thought I’d do a follow up and highlight some of my favourite quick horrors I’ve come across since my first post!

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Fear Friday: The Conjuring 2 (2016) Review

This week I’m going to be looking at the sequel to James Wan’s 2013 horror hit The Conjuring. I’ll be discussing the usual: my thoughts, feelings and overall opinion. Once again everyone’s favourite Paranormal Investigators, and everyone’s OTP, Ed and Lorraine Warren find themselves in Enfield, London helping the Hodgson family. As a malevolent spirit terrorises a single mother and her four children, the Warrens attempt to uncover the truth as to whether the youngest daughter is faking the activity or whether the family is in real peril. However, when Lorraine is plagued with visions of a demon that takes the form of a nun, she begins to worry that interfering with the supernatural may have a devastating affect on her family’s life.

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Fear Friday: The ‘Final Destination’ Trilogy.

This Fear Friday is going to be a little different in the sense I’m going to be talking about a series of horror/thriller films that many would argue are bad films. And while I wouldn’t be the first to disagree, I must admit that I do really enjoy these movies. Before I get into the whys, I’m gonna say that I’m not including the fourth and fifth films in this post because they are absolutely terrible. And there’s no denying that. Anyway, here’s what I love about the original Final Destination trilogy.  Continue reading

Fear Friday: The Witch (2015)

A 17th Century family are excommunicated from their Puritan village when the father, William, disagrees with the religious teachings of the village. In the middle of nowhere, the family run their farm with their faith to God firmly by their side. However, when the youngest child, Samuel, goes missing the family begin to spiral out of control.

The Witch is one of those films that leaves you on the edge of your seat the whole time. The atmosphere created by first time Director Robert Eggers allows for little to no period of comfort. Whether a shot of the bleak, English woodland lingers a little too long or you lean closer to listen to the whispers in the shadows, it’s hard to sit back and watch with ease. But it’s the perfect atmosphere or the film.

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Fear Friday: Childhood scares.

Being a horror fan is great; you get the rush from the scare and the comfort in your rationality that the noise in the middle of the night is just the plumbing. However, as a kid it’s not exactly the same and when you’re scared it can be a completely different story. I put my love of horror films down to my childhood thrill of being scared; ghost stories, horror books (child friendly, of course) and cartoons that had anything to do with the supernatural. And while I look back on much of what scared me as a child and laugh, there are some things that have stayed with me throughout my teenage years and slow climb into adulthood.

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Fear Friday: Horrific Mothers.

Something that I’ve always found fascinating in horror films is the role of the Mother. In simple terms: she is either the protector, who will shield her children from danger the best she can. The giver of life. Or she is that taker of life. Manipulating her position as a saviour and using it to kill. Of course I could go much much deeper into this but then this would turn into an essay and it wouldn’t make for light reading. However, after watching Goodnight Mommy this week I got thinking about my favourite evil mothers in film/tv (and by favourite I mean the ones I love to hate) and this is what I came up with.

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